About us

SerNet is the leading service provider for Samba. This shop offers binary packages for various Linux and Unix distros as well as additional content.

Our packages are called SAMBA+ (formerly known as EnterpriseSAMBA) and they set a standard of their own. They are highly popular and in service all around the globe.They originate from one source package and are subject to a high quality assurance. We offer them for SLES, RHEL and Debian Linux as well as for some Unix derivatives.

The "one source policy" helps us to ensure that the Samba handling is almost identical everywhere. Therefore customers encounter the same Samba features on all their machines. This is how we at SerNet make Samba a lot easier to handle in terms of deployment, configuration, maintenance and trouble shooting.

In addition SerNet offers you the best Samba support out there. We offer support, consulting, training and coding around Samba. Worldwide. 24/7.

For any news about SAMBA+, pending releases and security info please refer to https://samba.plus/blog/.