SerNet offers real 24/7 support within the framework of Service Level Agreements that can be concluded for various levels with different reaction and response times.

  • Support includes our help for installation, configuration and operation of IT systems.
  • Consulting covers concepts, training and knowledge transfer in workshops and training sessions or technical consulting.
  • Devekopment provides in-depth support; for example, creating software such as Samba or verinice on your commission or identifying faults in Enterprise Linux on a source code level and coordinating these tasks with the producers of Red Hat, Novell or with the Debian team on your behalf.


On site or remote?
Many of our services can be provided remotely by SerNet. However, even in the age of e-mail and web conferences it may sometimes be necessary to solve problems on site - taking our time when it comes to concepts and development - or in a rush when it comes to getting a failed system up and running again.

SerNet support contract
You can request our support contract online here. If necessary, it can be concluded within an hour and can be utilised immediately.