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SAMBA+ Support Budget
SAMBA+ Support Budget
For easy and fast accessible support for customers world wide SerNet offers support budgets via this shop. A SAMBA+ support budget contains 10 hours of services. The smallest time unit for a support request is a quarter of an hour. You...
€1,666.00 *
Net price: €1,400.00
SAMBA+ SLA Support Budget
SAMBA+ from SerNet is the leading distribution of open source Samba and customers world wide rely on perfomance and availablity of the software itself and related services. SerNet offers with SAMBA+ SLA a comprehensive support package,...
From €17,200.00 *
Net price: €14,453.78
SAMBA+ Support Budget XL
SAMBA+ Support Budget XL
In order to be able to provide fast and easy support for customers around the world, SerNet offers support budgets via this shop. The Support Budget XL includes 50 hours of service and a 5% discount on SerNet's normal hourly rates. The...
€7,913.50 *
Net price: €6,650.00