SAMBA+ Support Budget XL

SAMBA+ Support Budget XL
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In order to be able to provide fast and easy support for customers around the world, SerNet... more
Product information "SAMBA+ Support Budget XL"

In order to be able to provide fast and easy support for customers around the world, SerNet offers support budgets via this shop. The Support Budget XL includes 50 hours of service and a 5% discount on SerNet's normal hourly rates. The smallest time unit for a support request is a quarter of an hour. You can buy up to 4 budgets in a shopping cart and thus compile a budget of 200 hours (5 working weeks).

What is supported?
In addition to product support for SAMBA+ we work on your requests regarding overall CIFS/SMB (Samba, Microsoft Windows), AFP/Netatalk, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora, SLES, Leap), Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Directory Services (Active Directory, LDAP), Printing (CUPS), Infrastructure (DNS, DHCP, SSL). 

How do I get support?
After procurement of the support budget in this shop you will receive an email with your project number within an hour. Support requests including your product number in the subject have to be send via email. Please provide us with your telephone number and how you can be reached in the best way. In urgent cases you can call us directly. All work is performed from remote and is communicated via mail or phone. Support requests can be placed via mail at any time. Active support hours at SerNet are Monday to Friday at German working days from 8 am to 6 pm German time (UTC+1).

What is the benefit?
Buying the support budget via this shop has the main advantage that you can start working immediately after the purchase. The contract will become effective immediately and you will receive an email from us within an hour with information on how to request the services. If you (or your purchasing department) can accept our general terms and conditions, you may not need to go through lengthy contract negotiations.

Do I receive monthly statements about my budget status?
Your support budget is valid for 24 month. If you sent a support request during a month, you will receive a complete statement of your budget at the beginning of the following month with detailled information of your support requests and consumed hours. After the support budget is consumed completely or after the 24 month project time you will receive a final budget timetable report.

Unused hours of the budget will expire without notification and without compensation or reimbursement 24 months after the day of purchase. The following Terms & Conditions apply:

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