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  • SMB10018
SAMBA+  from SerNet is the leading distribution of open source Samba and customers world... more
Product information "SAMBA+ SLA Support Budget"

SAMBA+ from SerNet is the leading distribution of open source Samba and customers world wide rely on perfomance and availablity of the software itself and related services.

SerNet offers with SAMBA+ SLA a comprehensive support package, with coverage worldwide and around the clock. Our service level agreements (SLA) are defined with the service level indicators (SLI) "response time" and "solution time," and can be procured with three different service level objectives (SLO):

  • Level 1: Response time 8 hours and solution time 48 hours
  • Level 2: Response time 6 hours and solution time 36 hours
  • Level 3: Response time 4 hours and solution time 24 hours

The SLOs do not include the hours of service provided. These can either be booked on an hourly basis in prepaid budgets or as a flat rate prize. You have the option of combining the SLOs mentioned above with these support packages:

  • Option 1: 40 hours support
  • Option 2: 80 hours support
  • Option 3: 120 hours support
  • Option 4: 160 hours support
  • Option 5: flat rate support

What is supported?
The services include support for installation, configuration, maintenance, updates, and upgrades for SAMBA+, including SAMBA+ AIX. Services are provided remotely by email, phone, or video conferencing. Not included are consulting services, software development, and other services not listed above. SerNet may reject support requests for software products and services that are not provided by SerNet.

How do I get support?
Once the support budget has been purchased in this shop, you will receive an email with your project number and the SerNet emergency hotline within an hour. To submit a support request, please call the SerNet emergency hotline. Please note that if the request is not made via the emergency hotline, for example via email, the response time cannot be guaranteed. All work is performed remotely and is communicated via email, phone or video conferencing tool.

What is the benefit?
Purchasing the support budget via this online shop has the great advantage that the support is directly available without long delays. The contract comes into effect immediately and you will receive an email from us within an hour with information on how to request the services. If you (or your purchasing department) accepts our terms and conditions, you will not need to go through lengthy contract negotiations.

Do I receive monthly statements about my budget status?
The SAMBA+ SLA support budget is paid annually and is valid for one year after procurement. Upon submission of a support request, you will receive a detailed timesheet of your support requests and hours used at the beginning of the following month. After the support budget has been used up completely or after the one-year term has expired, you will receive a final report.

Unused hours of the budget will expire without notification and without compensation or reimbursement at the end of this SLA support budget. The following Terms & Conditions apply:

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