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SAMBA+ Container
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  • SMB10017.1
With  SAMBA+ Fileserver Container  SerNet provides an Ubuntu container with SAMBA+ so... more
Product information "SAMBA+ Container"

With SAMBA+ Fileserver Container SerNet provides an Ubuntu container with SAMBA+ so that the installation of RPM or DEB packages can be omitted. There is a script "csmb" for the containers, with which file servers can be set up very quickly and easily. The advantages of containers include:

  • fast deployment
  • the operating system within the container does not need to be maintained
  • Updates can be carried out easily and quickly
  • Containers can be easily transferred to other hosts
  • Updates can be carried out in parallel with the existing system and can be easily reversed.

The SAMBA+ fileserver container can be operated either as a standalone server (users are stored locally) or as a domain member server (member of an existing domain). The operation of a print server is currently not supported.

Detailed instructions for commissioning the SAMBA+ containers can be found at HowTo SAMBA+.

For the purpose of an Active Directory Domain Controller, a SAMBA+ AD DC Container is in preparation and will also be available here in the shop soon.

About SAMBA+

SAMBA+ is a Samba distribution for a variety of Linux distributions provided by SerNet. The subscriptions are managed via OPOSSO at

Support & Consulting for SAMBA+
Please note that no support is included in the software subscription. If you find a bug in our software, please send us a mail and we will take care of it as soon as possible and of course without charge. For all other questions regarding SAMBA+, i.e. configuration, installation, planning or operation of the software, please sign a support contract with us or buy one of our SAMBA+ support budgets right here in our shop!

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