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SAMBA+ Container
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  • SMB10017.1
With  SAMBA+ Fileserver Container  SerNet provides an Ubuntu container with SAMBA+ so... more
Product information "SAMBA+ Container"

With SAMBA+ Fileserver Container SerNet provides an Ubuntu container with SAMBA+ so that the installation of RPM or DEB packages can be omitted. There is a script "csmb" for the containers, with which file servers can be set up very quickly and easily. The advantages of containers include:

  • fast deployment
  • the operating system within the container does not need to be maintained
  • Updates can be carried out easily and quickly
  • Containers can be easily transferred to other hosts
  • Updates can be carried out in parallel with the existing system and can be easily reversed.

The SAMBA+ fileserver container can be operated either as a standalone server (users are stored locally) or as a domain member server (member of an existing domain). The operation of a print server is currently not supported.

Detailed instructions for commissioning the SAMBA+ containers can be found at HowTo SAMBA+.

For the purpose of an Active Directory Domain Controller, a SAMBA+ AD DC Container is in preparation and will also be available here in the shop soon.

About SAMBA+

You can purchase a subscription for the software for the period of 1, 2 or 3 years. Under this subscription, you will receive all new program versions and updates during the subscription period. The software packages, as well as updates and upgrades, can be accessed via the SerNet download server during the subscription period. The user name for the download server is the individual subscription key, which can be retrieved after the purchase in the customer account of this store under the "Licenses" section. The password is "sambaplus". You can find a detailed description here:

Support & Consulting for SAMBA+
Please note that no support is included in the software subscription. If you find a bug in our software, please send us a mail and we will take care of it as soon as possible and of course without charge. For all other questions regarding SAMBA+, i.e. configuration, installation, planning or operation of the software, please sign a support contract with us or buy one of our SAMBA+ support budgets right here in our shop!

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